The light twin-turboprop aircraft specializing in surveillance mission and passenger transport

Reims Aviation Industries

Subsidiary of GECI Aviation and GECI International, Reims Aviation Industries is an established manufacturer which has demonstrated expertise in three main areas

  • The development, production and commercialization of the F406, light twin-turboprop aircraft specializing in surveillance mission and passenger transport. The aircraft was manufactured over 6,000 units since its inception in 1933 and a hundred copies fly daily in the world.
  • Interior furnishing
  • Systems integration and installation for all types of aircraft.

Many government agencies placed their trust in Reims Aviation Industries (French Customs, Geographic and Mapping agency of Tunisia, etc.).

The F406

The F406, light turboprop aircraft by Reims Aviation Industries,
is typically used for missions of :

  • Maritime surveillance (contraband and clandestine immigration)
  • National security (anti-terrorism)
  • Pollution control (maritime oil slick control, fuel tank cleaning at sea)
  • Passenger (up to 13) and freight transport

Reims Aviation Industries, an European manufacturer, disposes of:

  • A fleet of 83 F406 turboprop aircrafts in service over the world
  • Recognized know how in the integration and certification of technological solutions aboard the F406
  • A set of certifications, including EASA Design Organization Approval (Part 21J), Production Organization Approval (Part 21G) and Maintenance Organizational Approval (Part 145).
  • A partnership with Thalès (maritime surveillance), AVDEF/EADS (hourly flight services) and the French National Georgraphic Institute (aerial mapping)


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